After many years in publishing, working much of the time with new authors and helping them develop both their skills and their manuscripts to a publishable level, it's clear to me that the most valuable service I can provide, the one of most benefit to the largest number of authors, involves analysis and recommendation. This is the starting point for all my work directly with authors. Additional services (see Agent/Publisher section) are available and will be priced individually after analysis.


A manuscript analysis is a thorough, point-by-point document focusing mainly on areas in need of improvement, including page- and action-specific examples and explanation, as well as direct guidance and suggestions where appropriate. The format may vary from objective discussion to point-by-point action plan, based on the strengths and development opportunities of the manuscript itself. In addition, specific questions raised by the author are extremely helpful and will be addressed. Finally, when and where appropriate, recommendations to contact agents and/or publishers will also be made.

Who can benefit? Any new author is likely to find this service helpful in preparing a manuscript to best advantage, whether in preparation for submission to an agent or publisher, or following a series of unsuccessful submissions. Veteran authors have also used this service in preparation for switching genres, moving from series to mainstream, or rejuvenating a career that has hit an impasse due to market shifts or a change in editorial direction.

All analyses will be sent electronically. Timeline for response varies, so please email me to discuss MS receipt and response time.

Please note that all manuscripts must be provided electronically**. In addition, all payment must be made in advance.

Fee Schedule:

Partial MS (max. 75 double-spaced pages, chapters only or chapters and synopsis): $375

Full MS up to 100,000 words: $1000

Full MS above 100,000 words and up to 135,000 words: $1,300

Prices for longer MSs available on request

* * All submissions must follow standard MS format: 1" margins, with double-spaced, 12-point type. In addition, all chapters must begin on a new page. * *

Note: A 10% discount is offered for a complete MS first seen and analyzed as a partial, so long as the complete is received within six months of the original analysis.


A query letter, consisting of a one-page cover letter and a two-page single-spaced synopsis, is frequently the first point of contact between an author and an agent or publisher. It's the sample on which a decision to dismiss a manuscript or take a closer look is made. As such, it's a crucial tool for a writer.

All query letter analyses will be provided electronically only. The electronic query must be provided in Word or rtf format (which will be converted to Word), and the analysis will be done in Track Changes form, with an eye toward polishing the letter and synopsis to intrigue an agent or editor.

Fee Schedule:

Electronic Query of one-page cover letter and two-page single-spaced synopsis: $100

Responses are generally provided in one to two weeks after payment clears.


Full and partial manuscript analyses are available at the rates quoted above. A discounted rate for a follow-up read can be arranged.

Additional services are available, including line editing and co- or ghost-writing, with fees and timing to be discussed on a project-specific basis.